Macro Economic Monitoring & Forecasting (M&E) Service

Its macroeconomics and modeling capacity distinguishes EIC from other economic research organizations in Cambodia. To date, EIC is the only organization in Cambodia that possesses a Computable General Equilibrium Model, a Provincial Projection Model and a Detailed Demographic Model that can produce forecasts for the Cambodian economy for the short, medium and long term.

EIC's macroeconomics and modeling capacity also serves as a framework for sectoral and micro studies to follow, capable of taking into account the array of variables specific to the Cambodian context, such as macroeconomic supply and demand, demography, geographical inequalities, constraints to private sector growth, potential industry diversification and rural development, etc.

EIC's modeling capacity will help identify in detail the trend and the strengths and weaknesses of the Cambodian economy. With the ability to assess the economy's demand and supply, evaluate and rationalize financial needs for economic development, understand constraints and challenges facing the private sector, the institute's modeling activity will provide wide-ranging and essential economic data.

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