Message From President
Sok Hach
Dear All,

       It is indeed our pleasure to bring you a new competitive edge, the Economic Institute of Cambodia (EIC). You can now have access to research outcomes you can rely on, and a wealth of information on Cambodia's economy you can use. Whether for your personal interest or career development, the EIC is here for your benefit.
       Each economic issue of significance will be well researched, thoroughly analysed, and interpreted in a meaningful and simple way. Raw data are being collected and verified to ensure their reliability and validity before being stored in our database for future use and reference. The EIC is committed to a high ethical and professional standard.

       You are invited, therefore, to make use of the EIC resources. When you are satisfied that the EIC has given you an “unfair advantage” for your own work quality, we would like to think that our objectives and mission are accomplished.
Our Partners