EIC Profile

Legal Status

Registered in February 2003 as a Non-Governmental Organisation, the EIC is a think tank committed to the following mission and objectives.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the EIC to enhance the awareness of Cambodian stakeholders on development issues and to participate in the formulation of sustainable economic development policies and strategies that will equitably benefit most, if not all, Cambodians.


  • To provide a better understanding of the economy with socio-economic research.
  • To actively and critically participate in formulating economic policies and strategies.
  • To satisfy the needs of policy makers and decision makers for accurate and relevant information in their quest to secure sustainable economic development for Cambodia.

Major Activities

  • Developing Cambodia's socio-economic database and modelling.
  • Conducting policy-oriented research on issues of relevance in trade, investment, poverty reduction, private sector development, social justice, economic governance, and other areas.
  • Disseminating information and research findings through publications, seminars, consulting, and the media.

Professionalism and Ethics

  • Statistics are used for clarification, not support. Each topic is well researched, and analysed without fear or favour; there are no predetermined outcomes to suit any prejudice.
  • Critical reviews and feedback from peer groups are used to ensure the highest possible quality of work before releasing any research materials and findings for public consumption.

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